Michael Yencho

Social Media Manager & Video Editor

Michael has more than 20 years experience in video editing, production, project management and social media. Most of those years spent working with non-profits successfully connecting services to the community. His passion has always been telling stories, and amplifying the voices of the underserved. Creating content that produces emotion, and makes a difference.

Michael is very excited about his role at HFA because there are so many wonderful stories to tell of all the amazing people in the bleeding disorders community. Prior to joining HFA, Michael was a television producer/editor, and he and his team won many awards for community work, and documentaries produced within the educational, government, and healthcare sectors. His many passions include being a dog advocate, and he has volunteered for numerous dog rescue, and service oriented organizations. After losing a special dog named BJ in 2014, he went on to develop a cancer fighting dog food recipe that turned into Colorado Springs only fresh dog food delivery service. The difference he saw in the dog families he served was incredible!

Music is also a huge passion, and since he was 12 years old Michael has been playing the cello in various groups, and has performed on some big stages. Currently, he plays the cello in the St. Augustine Orchestra, as well as several other smaller ensembles. He also loves rock concerts, festivals, cooking, gardening, and lives in Jacksonville, Florida.