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Blood Sisterhood

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Blood Sisterhood is a peer network of women who support women with bleeding disorders on their life’s journey through diagnosis, treatment and day to day living. Ultimately, through furthering the conversation among women, we seek better health outcomes and a better quality of life for women with bleeding disorders.


How Can I Participate in Blood Sisterhood?

HFA helps you connect with Blood Sisters in three main ways:

Participate in an upcoming National Webinar

Connect with Blood Sisters across the country during one of HFA’s quarterly webinars focused on issues that are important to women like you! Check our webinar calendar for a full list of webinars comin up!

Find a local HFA Member Organization

Many women in HFA Member Organizations throughout the country meet throughout the year to participate in educational, social, and wellness activities.

Attend HFA’s Educational Symposium

HFA’s annual Symposium provides a track just for the Blood Sisters to meet, share, and learn from one another. This is a great way to connect with other women if you do not have a local Blood Sisterhood group near you.

Community Voices

Learning from each other is an important aspect of Blood Sisterhood.

There are many shared challenges and triumphs, as well as the experiences that make each story uniquely yours.  Check out what some Blood Sisters from our community have to say in our collection of videos and stories.

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Why Should I Get Involved with the Blood Sisterhood?

“HFA gave me the strength and the security to have my daughters get tested.  And when I found out that both of them had von Willebrand disease, it was not as scary as I thought it would be.  I had a world of information and people to help us get through it.”

Strong Bodies Bleed Less!

Blood Sisters who regularly participate in physical activities have stronger bodies and, as a result, may have fewer complications relating to their bleeding disorder.  FitFactor is a tool for Blood Sisters to gain knowledge about nutrition, wellness, and how to adapt physical activities for every level of mobility.

Together We Achieve More!

Who better to advocate for issues facing women with bleeding disorders, than Blood Sisters themselves! Advocate for women with a bleeding disorder, click here for more information.

In addition, HFA partners with the following national women’s organizations:

Foundation for Women and Girls with Bleeding Disorders – A single site, single source for physicians and healthcare providers.

National Hemophilia Foundation’s Victory for Women with Blood Disorders – Providing services and support to women in the bleeding disorders community.

Assisting and Advocating for the Bleeding Disorders Community