State of the States: Fall 2021

Prohibiting copay accumulators remains a state priority for 2022 Legislation to prohibit health plans from depriving consumers of any benefit from third-party assistance with cost-sharing obligations has already been pre-filed or drafted in at least a dozen state legislatures for the coming session (as well as the District of Columbia), with pending bills in four […]

State of the States: Summer 2021

In this quarter’s news: advocates notch another win, securing state level protection against copay accumulator adjusters; Missourians begin enrolling in the state’s expanded Medicaid program; and ACA marketplaces report 2021 enrollment totals, rates for 2022, and other developments.

State of the States: Spring 2021

Six new states enact prohibitions against copay accumulator adjusters Bills preventing health plans from pocketing the cost-sharing assistance provided by manufacturers or non-profits (and refusing to apply it to a consumer's deductible or out-of-pocket maximum) were signed into law this session in six additional states. The victories in Arkansas (H.B. 1569), Connecticut (S.B. 1003), Kentucky […]

State of the States: Fall 2020

State Election Results Republican dominance in state elections could hinder new Democratic health initiatives Going into the 2020 election, Democrats expected a “blue wave” at the state level that would build upon substantial gains in 2018, when they won back most of the record number of legislative seats they had lost since 2010.  Democrats had high […]

State of the States: July 2020

Policy and advocacy work is increasingly important at the state level. In an effort to keep you informed about the work happening on the ground at the local level, HFA is debuting a quarterly update, “State of the States.” Stay up-to-date and read about the work happening close to you!  Surge in coronavirus cases increases […]