Charles Stanley Hamilton Legacy Award, 2020 | Carl Weixler

Each year Hemophilia Federation of America honors the service of special individuals who have gone above and beyond in support of the bleeding disorders community. HFA’s 2020 awards were presented during a virtual ceremony on Aug. 25, 2020. HFA celebrates these individuals.

Carl Weixler

2020 Charles Stanley Hamilton Legacy Award

This award is for extraordinary lifetime service that encompasses national volunteerism, professionalism and leadership. The award was named after Charles, a Louisiana native who suffered from severe hemophilia A. Charles was the son of the late Dr. Charles “Chuck” Hamilton, a pediatrician and physician surveyor for the Joint Commission (JCAHO), and husband of Jan Hamilton, one of the founders of HFA and a long-term Executive Director. It was Charles’s hemophilia which led to his greatest legacy. His parents dedicated their lives and service to those with hemophilia and later those with co-infections. HFA would not have existed nor thrived in the early years without the support and sacrifice of Jan and Chuck Hamilton whose untiring work on behalf of the community were profound.
As the Board President for the Committee of Ten Thousand (COTT), Carl Weixler has been a strong advocate for his fellow blood brothers and sisters since he was a child. At the tender age of 4, Carl met with the governor to discuss a “hemophilia program” for the state of Kentucky. And it didn’t stop there.
Carl’s entire life has been full of advocacy efforts at both state and national levels. He has sat on numerous advisory boards for governmental agencies and manufacturers, is a past Board President for HFA, and has represented the bleeding disorders community across the globe.
Carl welcomes each and every blood brother that comes through the door, with open arms, and is always looking out for the safety and well-being of others. He really has been a true advocate and supporter of our community since the very beginning. It’s an honor to present Carl Weixler with HFA’s Charles Stanley Hamilton Legacy Award.