Dear Addy: 5 Minutes for Project CALLS

Dear Addy,

I am having a horrific time with my insurance company getting a prior authorization approved. I know I should call Project CALLS, but I simply don’t have time to be on the phone with the insurance company and Project CALLS. Why is it so important that I let HFA know what’s going on with my insurer?

Crunched for Time

Dear Crunched for Time,

We hear you. It’s not unusual for patients to spend untold amounts of time on hold with their insurer. And HFA understands that your time is valuable and precious, which is why we have shortened the reporting form for Project CALLS. It now takes only five minutes to report your issue. We will take that information and work with you to schedule a more convenient time to talk so we can gather more information. It’s important to report issues to Project CALLS so HFA can identify trends and use the information to build cases for change. The more data we have, the more impactful our case can be! Please give Project CALLS a few minutes of your time if you or a member of your family have been:

  • Denied services or have received an exception,
  • Forced by an insurance company to “fail” on a product before being allowed to use the product of your choice,
  • Mandated to a pharmacy that is not meeting your needs, and/or
  • Forced to go through a lengthy pre-/ prior-authorization process,
  • Told you cannot use patient assistance for premium or co-pay assistance,
  • Told your co-pay assistance doesn’t count toward your overall deductible, or
  • Affected by some other health plan practice that blocked your access to care.

Your story can help us make a difference for the entire bleeding disorders community.