Dear Addy: Financial Assistance

Dear Addy,

I am a full-time university student who was recently diagnosed with a bleeding disorder. While I’m relieved I finally have a diagnosis, getting to that point was time-consuming – and expensive! Between doctors’ visits, working part-time, and attending classes, I am still struggling. Does HFA have any resources it can recommend to someone in my circumstances?


Bleeder on a Budget

Dear Bleeder on a Budget,

Thank you for reaching out to HFA! At HFA, one of our core pillars is assisting the bleeding disorders community. We understand that managing a bleeding disorder can be financially, as well as physically and emotionally challenging. To help ease these difficulties, HFA offers a number of programs that can help eligible community members facing circumstances like yours.

First of all, HFA is proud to offer educational scholarships! Each year, HFA offers scholarships to people with bleeding disorders and eligible family members. Scholarships are offered only once per year and applications typically open in January. Our bleeding disorders scholarships page contains a comprehensive list of scholarships offered by HFA, as well as external scholarship opportunities available to people in the bleeding disorders community.

Financial assistance for education (and many other eligible items!) is also available through our Job Readiness Grants. The Job Readiness Grant provides up to $1,000 for courses, training programs, or certifications that will help community members gain or maintain sustainable employment. The grant can include computers or items (i.e., scrubs, specialized shoes, supplies, etc.) needed to complete the course, certification, or training program. Please keep in mind that college courses are eligible for Job Readiness Grants! Applications are processed as soon as they are received, and the grant is open year-round.

HFA can provide support through our Healthy Living Items Assistance program too. Healthy Living Items Assistance helps individuals in the bleeding disorders community with the cost of medically necessary items that are not affordable out-of-pocket or covered by insurance, including workout equipment that will help community members achieve a healthier lifestyle. Items can include, but are not limited to, workout equipment, bicycle helmets, joint braces, and medical identification jewelry.

Finally, HFA maintains a robust database database of resources on the website for topics such as financial assistance and management, employment support, manufacturer assistance, mental health, and more.

I encourage you to apply for our Educational Scholarships, Job Readiness Grants, and Healthy Living Items Assistance if you feel that any of these programs would be a good fit for you!