Dear Addy: Project CALLS

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Dear Addy, 

I recently attended an event and learned about submitting issues with my insurance to HFA’s Project CALLS. I have an insurance issue, however, I still have some questions about how CALLS works and what happens when I submit an issue. Can you explain the process? 


CALLS Quandary  

Dear Quandary, 

You are not alone. HFA regularly hears from community members with concerns about access to care due to limitations or mandates set by their insurance company. We would encourage you to submit your issue to HFA’s Project CALLS (Creating Alternatives to Limiting and Lacking Services).  

HFA’s Project CALLS’ process works as follows: 

  • A trained member of HFA’s staff will follow-up to review your issue. 
  • HFA staff members will work diligently to provide resources and support to help you get your issue resolved. 
  • HFA will gather the data submitted and compile it into a report. 
  • HFA will share Project CALLS reports with policymakers (state and federal legislators, regulators, private payers, etc.). 

By voicing your concerns, you will also help HFA better understand how insurance industry policies are affecting the bleeding disorders community. This data will be used to build a case for change on a national, state, and local level with legislators, regulators, and private payers. Any identifying information provided will remain strictly confidential and anonymous.  

With your help, together we can build a case for improved access to care for the bleeding disorders community! 



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HFA frequently receives questions from the bleeding disorders community related to advocacy issues. The questions often impact the entire community. In an effort to reach the largest audience possible with our responses to these widely applicable questions, HFA developed “Dear Addy.” Questions submitted to this column are edited in order to protect privacy and should be considered educational only, not individual guidance.