Weight Loss Q&A: What really works and why?

We are breaking from the traditional webinar format for a Q&A discussion in March! Join Dr. Lisa E. Heuer for an open Q&A conversation about weight and the impact of food choices on health and pain management. She will dispel myths and explain why shame shouldn’t be part of the weight loss equation. Ask her ANYTHING! She will answer your questions, so be prepared! Have you wondered how to set realistic plans to meet your personal weight and health goals? Are you confused about making food choices? What foods are best for pain management? Is sugar REALLY bad for you? Join us and get answers!


Mar 07 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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  • Lisa E. Heuer, MD
    Lisa E. Heuer, MD

    Dr. Lisa E. Heuer’s clinical expertise in the neurobiology of weight management, nutrition, and exercise physiology has made her an expert in the fight against obesity and metabolic disease. She has done research in the fields of gastroenterology, psychiatry, and the pharmacological management of various eating disorders including binge eating disorder. As a preventive and lifestyle medicine specialist, Dr. Heuer has a proven record of combining dietary management and lifestyle interventions to treat, reverse, and prevent type II diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease, depression, anxiety, and many other diseases affecting weight management.

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