Get in Gear in the New Year

Get in Gear_Micah and RichThe time is now!  The New Year is upon us and it is time to take charge of your health!
It is so important for individuals with bleeding disorders to keep their joints and bodies healthy in order to reduce the number of bleeds and to reduce the risk of developing other diseases and illnesses.  Eating a balanced diet comprised mostly of unprocessed, natural foods is a great way to start.  Another important step to take is to start or continue a regular exercise routine.  HFA offers a free, mobile fitness app to encourage people in the bleeding disorders community and community at large, to become more physically active and improve their overall health and wellness.  This fitness app can be downloaded on your smartphone or device and will help you to keep track of the type, duration and distance of a variety of fitness activities that you might choose to engage in.
Get in Gear is free and available on both Apple and Android devices and offers many great features including:

  • Track duration and/or distance of fitness activities.
  • Submit fitness activities manually after an activity ended.
  • Listen to your favorite music playlist as you work out.
  • Keep an ongoing history log of all of your fitness activities.
  • Share your fitness activities with your friends on Facebook.
  • Receive encouraging achievements as you reach important fitness milestones.
  • Access important health news and information on exercise, nutrition, recipes, and health topics.
  • Track activity distance in feet, meters, miles, kilometers, or yards.
  • Customizable settings for each activity type with default distances, duration, and music options.
  • Learn more about Hemophilia, von Willebrand Disease, and HFA’s charity work.

Take charge of your health in the new year!  Let’s get healthy together.  Let’s Get in Gear!!!
Wishing you a happy, healthy 2014 from HFA’s FitFactor team!!