Hemophilia Puts Damper on Patients’ Sex Life and Health Status, Study Reports

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Study Shows Sexual Intimacy Correlates With More Bleeds

The following is an excerpt from Hemophilia News Today. Read the entire article here.

Researchers report that hemophilia interferes with patients’ sexual activity and is linked to worse health status.
The study titled “Sexual Health in Patients with Hemophilia; The Insights from the Patient Reported Outcomes, Burdens and Experiences (PROBE) Study,” appeared in the journal Blood.
Previous results from a small survey showed that joint stiffness and pain affected the sex life of patients with hemophilia. Researchers asked participants whether they had difficulty with sexual intimacy, and determined the link between clinical characteristics and sexual health. investigators also assessed participants’ overall health status.
Further analysis showed that difficulty in sexual intimacy correlated with more than 10 joint bleeding episodes in the past year, bleeding in the prior two weeks, limited motion of joints, and limb- or life-threatening bleeding in the past year.
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