HFA Launches Clinical Trials Search Site

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Hemophilia Federation of America has launched a new website to search for clinical trials for patients with bleeding disorders. Additionally, they have created a new resource for patients to learn more about the clinical trials process. 

“Patients and families have asked for a way to easily search for clinical trials, and Hemophilia Federation of America is excited to offer this new resource that will empower patients and their families to search for available clinical trials and work with their care team to determine eligibility,” said Dan Kelsey, President and CEO of HFA.

To help make clinical trials more accessible to patients in the bleeding disorders community, the new site allows website visitors to search for all clinical trials, regardless of what options are shared by the patient’s provider and regardless of the trial sponsor.

Searches can be filtered by condition, such as the type of hemophilia or factor deficiency, platelet disorder or von Willebrand disease, the study’s status (currently recruiting or will be recruiting), age and sex of a participant. Visitors can also search by keyword or geographic location. Search results will show study details, such as the study’s focus, dates of the study, the eligibility or inclusion/exclusion criteria and requirements, and trial locations.

In addition to the search feature, HFA created a website resource that provides patients and their families or caregivers with more information on how clinical trials work, such as trial phases and questions a patient should consider before participating. The resource also links to HFA’s Learning Central if visitors want to learn even more. 

While the search site allows patients to access information about clinical trials not limited to trials shared by their provider, HFA always encourages patients to consult with their HTC or provider to determine eligibility before participating. 

HFA worked with the globally-compliant data analytics platform Citeline Connect to create the search feature.

Visit the Clinical Trials Resource