Singing the Praises of Fathers

I have to admit this blog gave me extreme anxiety about writing. Not in the respect that my father (Thomas Gibson), my husband (Alan) nor my father-in-law (James Hooper) are horrible fathers. It’s just very difficult to express my absolute gratitude to these individuals. These three fathers and grandfathers play such an important and vital role both in mine, my boys (Zachary and Myles), my stepson (Nicholas) and my grandson’s (Landon) lives. I truly don’t know where we’d be today without each of them.
Fathers are wonderful people! They are just a little misunderstood and because of this we do not usually or constantly sing their praises as often as we should. A father’s work is endless and, oftentimes, thankless.
Dads have been described as everything from being role models and superheroes, to changing diapers and putting up with “us” through thick and thin. Dads/fathers play an important role in our and our children’s life. We as a society have associated a dad/father as the man who pays the bills, maintains the house and vehicles, and as protector. While the mother cares for the children, attends school functions and nurses all our children’s illnesses and injuries.
Why don’t we as a society associate fathers as caregivers? In this day-in-age, some have had the dual role as both mom and dad. This type of father has managed to balance life without issues;  and truthfully from what I’ve seen and had the pleasure to experience their children tend to be a more well-rounded, sensitive and appreciative individual.
When I asked my boys to give me some positive qualities about their dad, Alan, besides the basic things such as; a good cook, loves to grill, and helps with their laundry and homework.  Here is what they said:

  • “I like spending time with my dad especially when he takes me camping and fishing”-Zachary, 11
  • “My dad, Myles and I ride our bikes around the neighborhood a lot during the summer”
  • “My dad is also really good at basketball when he plays outside with us”
  • “I like it when I get to help my dad build things”-Myles, 7
  • “Dad makes good camp fires so we can have smores”
  • “Worms scare me so when we go fishing, dad puts worms on mine and my brothers’ hooks”

This is what the boys had to say about their grandfathers:

  • “Both papa and grandpa Jim help me with my math homework if I am stuck”-Zachary
  • “Papa takes me to school when I have to go in early”
  • “Papa taught me how to swim”
  • “Grandpa Jim looks like an older version of dad”-Myles
  • “Papa is going to give me some golf balls and teach me how to play golf”
  • “Both Papa and grandpa Jim like beer!”

Happy Father’s Day to our three special men and to all the fathers!
Lindsay lives in New York with her husband, Alan, and her sons, Zachary and Myles.
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