Health Care Reform Update: Lifetime & Annual Limits

The Senate passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on December 24, 2009, but work still remains for both chambers of Congress. Thursday, over 100 House Democrats held a teleconference to strategize on health care reform.  Congress will return next week and debate will continue on various areas of both bills.   Both chambers will come together in a conference to work out differences in House and Senate bill. 
The rare and chronic disorders community has been working with the Raise the Cap Coalition to ensure lifetime and annual limits provisions meet the needs of the rare and chronic disorders community.  A letter signed by 61 health-related organizations emphasizing our concern was sent today to leaders of the House and Senate.  The letter expresses support for the House provisions on lifetime and annual limits.  The letter urges elimination of lifetime limits in all private insurance plans in 2010.  Additionally, the letter asked for the elimination of annual caps on new plans in 2013 and in existing plans in 2018.  
Please take the time to call your members of Congress and ask for immediate elimination of lifetime and annual limits in the final reform bill.   You can contact your members of Congress through the HFA Legislative Action Center.
To read about more about the House Democrats teleconference on January 7, 2010, please visit:
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