USDA's Healthy Eating on a Budget

It is hard to overstate the importance eating healthy.  The food we put into our bodies has a direct impact on how we look, feel, and our health.  For individuals with hemophilia or other bleeding disorders, eating healthy and maintaining a proper weight is especially important because it helps to protect their joints.  Eating healthy is easy for some people but others often feel it is daunting and expensive.  For those that are trying to make healthy choices  with limited resources, the U.S. Department of Agriculture unveiled Healthy Eating on a Budget – the newest addition to
Consumers who visit the Healthy Eating on a Budget section of will learn ways to plan, purchase, and prepare healthy meals. The new web pages provide families with tips and strategies to help save money and plan a healthier diet. The new section includes the latest addition to the MyPlate 10 Tips Nutrition Education Series, Save More at the Grocery Store which emphasizes simple-to-use tips to help consumers make decisions as they walk down a supermarket aisle. Dozens of additional strategies are featured in the new section including using unit pricing, reading food labels to compare items, and checking sales on store brands. A new cookbook features 25 recipes from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) resource page, SNAP-Ed Nutrition Connection. The recipes are included in sample two-week menus based on a 2,000 calorie diet to help individuals and families plan meals. Additional grocery and pantry lists are provided to help households organize their food purchases.
“This resource not only demonstrates that it is possible to eat healthfully on a budget, but it shows how,” said USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion Deputy Director, Jackie Haven. “These new pages complement our existing resources on, allowing consumers to figure out how to improve their nutrition, and how to make it affordable.”
Source: United States Department of Agriculture