Dear Addy: Family Planner

Dear Addy,
My high school sweetheart and I are in our senior year of college and recently began a conversation about life after school. Are there any resources for us to learn more about starting a family when you know you are a carrier or have a history of bleeding disorders in your family? 
Family Planner

Dear Family Planner,
Modern medicine and health care advocacy have come a very long way!
Years ago, children diagnosed with hemophilia had a low survival rate or had an increased chance of sustaining serious bodily injury. Today, more individuals with bleeding disorders live happy, healthy lives, thanks to safe products and therapies and a strong community that advocates for access to quality care.
You should consider having a conversation with your health care provider and a genetic counselor. They will help you understand your own family’s health history and possible future, especially when it comes to family planning. Since you are aware of your carrier status, your health care providers may also discuss the use of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and preimplantation genetic testing.
In addition to consulting with health care providers, I encourage you and your boyfriend to reach out to your state bleeding disorders organization to attend educational seminars and connect with other families to discuss their experiences living with a bleeding disorder. Each person has a unique story, but they will help you understand what it is like to live with a bleeding disorder and serve a caregiver.
If you do have a child with hemophilia, your health care team will help devise a treatment plan to ensure they lead a healthy life.
Visit the HFA website for more information on bleeding disorders for both patients and caregivers.