Fun Fall Fitness Activities

Fall brings about many changes; the leaves change color, the temperature gets cooler, and the days get shorter.  It is a great time to get outdoors and add some physical activities into your daily routine. Get the whole family involved, be creative and make it fun!  There are lots of ways to get physical activity without playing an organized sport. Simple games and activities that require major muscle groups and aerobic activity are beneficial as well.
The CDC recommends that children get at least one hour of physical activity each day. For adults and older adults (with no limiting health issues), 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise every week and muscle strengthening activities 2 days a week are the recommendations.
There are some fun activities that the autumn season provides that can keep you active and out in the fresh air:

  • Take advantage of the beautiful fall colors by enjoying a nature hike, canoe trip, or bike ride. Make it an adventure and be on the lookout for items that nature only provides in the fall.
  • Rake the leaves. Playing in the leaves is a fun activity for children, so get them involved.  Work
    together to make leaf piles that be run through and played in. Make a game of it to see who can find the largest leaf, or the most colorful leaf, or the perfect shaped leaf. Be sure to remove any stray twigs or branches for safety.
  • Get a game of softball, tag, keep away or Frisbee going.  Involve the whole family.
  • Head to an apple orchard and climb and pick your own healthy snacks.  Find a local orchard at  www.PickYourOwn.Org
  • Take a walk through a pumpkin patch and pick out your prize winning pumpkin for carving.
    Save and roast the seeds for another delicious and healthy snack.
  • Find a corn maze and walk or run to discover your way out.  Discover a pumpkin patch, fall festival or corn maze near you at

Remember to keep safety in mind when doing any of these activities.  Dress for the weather and
continue to wear sunscreen on very sunny and even overcast days.  Always drink plenty of water when doing physical activities to stay hydrated.
Starting a regular exercise program is key to staying healthy and protecting your joints. Physical activity can also reduce your number of bleeds and delay or even prevent  diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  Bring about a change in your life this fall.  Get active and stay healthy and make it fun!!
*As with any new activity, or if you are having joint or bleeding problems, make sure you check with your physician or therapist to be sure you are ready to get started.