Barry Haarde Shares His Fitness Routine

My work out schedule includes weight lifting three times a week, and as you know, a great deal of bicycling.

Barry Haarde

I’m currently riding between 100 and 150 miles on weekends and am doing 30 minute spins on a stationary bike 2 or 3 times during the workweek to supplement that. In ’06, before beginning nearly four years of Interferon/Ribavirin therapy for hepatitis C, I reached a milestone of 7,500 miles for the year.
This year, now that I’m no longer taking hepC meds, I’m trying to get back in shape and reach some new mileage goals. So far, I’ve ridden 1200 miles, including one 115 mile ride and three other 100 mile rides. I’m training to ride my first 150 mile one-day ride later in the year.