Infusing Love: My Love/Hate Relationship

April 11, 2018

Some of us love exercise.¬† Some of us (me!) hate it but love it when you‚Äôre done.¬† What do you find to be the hardest part of exercising?¬†A lot of times it‚Äôs finding the time.¬†As moms we‚Äôre pulled in a thousand different directions all throughout the day.¬† Between jobs, kids, and spouses, there is never […]

FitFactor Video: Swimming: A Safe and Efficient Workout

November 6, 2017

Swimming is often recommended as an ideal form of exercise for people with bleeding disorders for a few different reasons. To begin with, swimming allows one to strengthen their muscles in a way that doesn‚Äôt put weight on the joints, and therefore reduces the likelihood of bleed due to impact or pressure. It also enables […]

FitFactor: Pre-Exercise Snacks to Boost your Workout

September 6, 2017

It‚Äôs 5 o‚Äôclock on a weekday. You want to hit the gym, but you‚Äôre hungry and not sure if eating before you exercise will help or hinder your workout. What are the best foods to eat pre-workout? How much of them? How close to your workout time should you eat? Staying fit plays a big […]

FitFactor: Las ventajas de ir al cuarto de pesas

August 31, 2017

  El entrenamiento con pesas juega un papel importante en mantener su cuerpo en forma y saludable. Es una gran manera para las personas con trastornos de sangrado para fortalecer los m√ļsculos y las articulaciones y, al hacerlo, reducir la frecuencia y la gravedad de las hemorragias. Hablamos con Michael Zolotnitsky, Doctor en Terapia F√≠sica, […]

FitFactor: 7 maneras de mantenerse activo en invierno

August 31, 2017

Todos sabemos que trabajar en el invierno puede sentirse como una haza√Īa imposible a veces. Sin embargo, una vez que comience a hacerla parte de su rutina regular, se convertir√° en una tarea sencilla y ser√° m√°s f√°cil de sostener a trav√©s de otras √©pocas del a√Īo cuando el clima no es tan duro. Mantener […]

FitFactor: ¬°Consejos para tomar su rutina de ejercicios de vacaciones con usted!

August 31, 2017

  Si usted est√° escapando del clima de invierno para algunos R&R por la playa, o dirigirse a la casa de un familiar para ponerse al d√≠a, el viajar interrumpe su horario normal y puede hacer m√°s dif√≠cil permanecer en la cima de su rutina de salud y ritmo de ejercicios. Hacer ejercicios es a […]

Fit Factor: This Summer, Keep Fit With The Fam!

June 5, 2017

With Father‚Äôs Day around the corner, now is the time to start thinking up fun, active ways to spend time with your dad. This year, add a new activity to do to make Father‚Äôs Day special, like climbing a mountain or going bird watching. Being physically active with your dad (and your family in general), […]

Fit Factor: Tips to Take Your Exercise Routine on Vacation with You!

March 6, 2017

Whether you are escaping the winter weather for some R&R by the beach, or heading to a relative‚Äôs home to catch up, travel disrupts your normal schedule and can make it harder to stay on top of your health and fitness routine. Working out is often easily forgotten on vacation as other activities take priority. […]

Dear Addy: Self-care

January 23, 2017

Dear Addy, With the holidays behind us, I‚Äôm trying to focus on taking care of myself in the new year. However, I struggle to do this between family, work, and social obligations. Can you provide some tips on self-care so I can be a better advocate for myself and my family? Signed, Stressed Out Dear […]

FitFactor: The Benefits of Hitting the Weight Room

October 31, 2016

Weight training plays an important role in keeping your body fit and healthy. It‚Äôs a great way for people with bleeding disorders to strengthen muscles and joints and by doing so, reduce the frequency and severity of bleeds. We spoke with Michael Zolotnitsky, Doctor of Physical Therapy, about the benefits of weight training and his […]

Hemophilia: Not an Excuse to Be a Couch Potato

April 25, 2016

By Michael Zolotnitsky, PT, DPT Growing up with hemophilia made waking up with bruises, joint pain, or the inability to bear weight on my ankles¬†a normal occurrence. Time and time again, my mother had to drive me to the local hematology clinic to have factor infused. I did not feel like a normal child. I […]

10 Healthy Holiday Hints to Hit the New Year Right

December 22, 2015

The holidays are upon us, and staying healthy during this season can be challenging.¬† While this is true for the general population, it is especially important for individuals with hemophilia or other bleeding disorders.¬† We understand the importance that activity and a¬†healthy diet play in maintaining an ideal¬†weight and decreasing the number of bleeding episodes […]

Keep Kids Active this Summer

June 5, 2015

School is out, so now what?¬† Summer is a great time to keep kids busy with physical activity because the weather allows for many¬†outdoor activities.¬† The CDC recommends that kids get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.¬† Children with bleeding disorders need to exercise too.¬†¬†Physical activity helps¬†to strengthen their muscles and keep […]

5 Walking Strategies for Fitness Success

May 14, 2015

By Mary Anne Dunkin If you‚Äôre thinking about starting a walking program, our fitness tips and walking strategies will help you make the most of it. For people of any age with arthritis, walking is especially good medicine. It strengthens muscles, which helps shift pressure from joints and reduce pain. And a regular walking routine […]

You’re Never Too Old

April 17, 2015

Let‚Äôs face it, we are all getting older.¬† People with hemophilia who have access to factor replacement therapy now have a normal life expectancy and are having to deal with the issues of aging.¬† One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to stay physically active.¬† For individuals with hemophilia or […]

Spring Training: Time To Get Off The Couch

March 19, 2015

Spring is the time for new opportunities. Days are getting longer, trees are budding, and those cool breezes are finally turning warm. Spring is an opportunity to revitalize ourselves and get back into action after winter‚Äôs long hibernation. With more opportunities for exercise and outdoor activity, spring is a great time to get off the […]

Escaping Winter Weather? Take Your Workout with You!

February 26, 2015

Ready to ditch the ice and snow for warmer temperatures, a sandy beach and some sun?¬†¬† While it is easy to sit back and relax on vacation, it is also very important to keep up your fitness routine.¬† Schedules relax while traveling and we tend to over indulge in things that may cause us to […]

Staying Fit Together

January 26, 2015

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services shares some tips on how to stay active when the winter weather¬†makes it unsafe to be outdoors. Take a look! HHS HealthBeat (January 29, 2013) Staying fit together When the weather outside is frightful, being active ain‚Äôt so delightful. It just takes motivation. Stay active with a […]

FitFactor Video: Bicycle Safety for Kids

July 25, 2014

Riding a bicycle is¬† a great way to have fun, exercise and¬†stay¬†healthy.¬† Whether your child is just learning to ride or has been on a bicycle for years, it is always important to encourage him or her to ride safely.¬† Teaching children¬†how to stay safe on a bike¬†when they are young¬†can create safety habits they […]

A Therapeutic Revolution is Underway

January 10, 2014

By Ogden M. Forbes, Ed.D. and Jane Forbes, R.N. Swimming is fun! No doubt about it. ¬†Did you know that because water provides relief from impact on our joints while still providing resistance to our muscles it is a great place for people who have hemophilia to build stronger bodies? ¬†It‚Äôs true and for many […]

Healthier Bodies Bleed Less

October 25, 2013

It is important for individuals with bleeding disorders to participate in some form of physical activity.¬† Being physically active helps to strengthen one‚Äôs muscles, bones and joints.¬† One of the many benefits of having a strong healthy body can be a reduction in the number of bleeding episodes an individual might experience.¬† Many in the […]

FitFactor Video: Running/Walking – Finding Success

August 23, 2013

  The mental aspect of running is half the battle. This final¬†video in the series¬†will inspire you to set realistic goals, and determine the best approach to incorporating running or walking into your weekly/daily wellness routine. ¬†So get on board, set short and long-term goals, and feel good about getting fit!!¬† FitFactor is here to […]

FitFactor Video: Running/Walking – Stretching

August 9, 2013

Along with having proper form, stretching and building core strength are other ways to remain injury free while running and walking. The movements shared in this fourth video of our running and walking series, highlights a variety of movements to do before and after your run/walk. These postures will also help you build strength and […]

FitFactor Video – Running/Walking Form

August 2, 2013

Having proper form is crucial for all who decide to run or walk as a method of exercise, however, it is extremely important for those with a bleeding disorder.¬† Learning the proper form will help protect your joints and reduce the number of bleeds. In this third video of our running/walking series, we introduce you […]

FitFactor Video: Running/Walking Safety

July 17, 2013

Running and walking are often deemed safe activities for individuals with hemophilia. They are both great forms of exercise and¬†just about anyone can do them, all you really need to get started is a good pair of sneakers. However, running and walking are not without risk. In this second video of our running/walking series, we […]

FitFactor Video: Running/Walking – Getting Started

July 12, 2013

Running and walking are often deemed safe activities for individuals with hemophilia.¬†¬†They are¬†frequently recommended because¬†they don’t have¬†take a lot of time or cost a lot of money, but¬†can make a big difference in how you feel and in¬†your overall health. ¬†Remember, healthy bodies bleed less! In this first video of our running/walking series, we introduce […]

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