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HFA Educational Scholarships

Each year, HFA awards scholarships to promising students in the bleeding disorders community. We provide 4 scholarships of $2,000-$4,000 in only three categories. Continue reading below for a breakdown of each scholarship.

  • Educational Scholarship
  • Parent/Sibling/Child Educational Scholarship
  • Medical/Healthcare Services Educational Scholarship

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Browse our collection of current scholarships for students with bleeding disorders. This list is for general information purposes only. Prospective candidates will need to contact each program sponsor or administrator for detailed information or for additional inquires related to the criteria/terms of applying for these scholarship programs. HFA claims no responsibility for the scholarship program policies of other organizations.

Note: This list is continually updated throughout the year.聽Please check back for updates.

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2021 Advocacy Internship

HFA is seeking applicants for a ten (10) week Policy & Government Relations Internship occurring Summer 2021. HFA will provide leadership, guidance, and financial support for three college students with bleeding disorders or students related to a person with a bleeding disorder.

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