Healthy Living Items Assistance

Healthy Living Items Assistance helps individuals in the bleeding disorders community with the cost of medically necessary items that are not affordable out-of-pocket or covered by insurance, including workout equipment that will help community members achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Disaster Relief (Non-HFA)

Dealing with a hurricane, wildfire, or earthquake is challenging for anyone; relocating your family and ensuring everyone’s safety when someone has a bleeding disorder presents an entirely more complicated scenario. These resources help you prepare for a disaster, respond to immediate needs, and address long term recovery.

Manufacturer Assistance Programs

Programs are available to help reduce the financial burden for medications. This list of manufacturer programs includes insurance navigation, manufacturer copay assistance for people who have insurance but need help with out-of-pocket costs for bleeding disorder prescriptions, and product assistance for people who are uninsured, underinsured, or experiencing a lapse in coverage.

Financial Management

Whether you have a bleeding disorder yourself or are a caregiver to someone with a bleeding disorder, you may find yourself in a position of having “more months than money” or struggling to create savings for unexpected expenses. This list includes financial planning resources about money basics, saving and spending plans (budgeting), debit and credit, increasing income, reducing expenses, and red flags to look out for.

Employment Support

It is often a juggling act to live with a chronic condition and maintain your livelihood. This list has resources related to employment issues including legislation to protect your rights, job search tools, interview tips, self-advocacy resources, and more.

Insurance and Medical Expenses/Equipment Assistance (Non-HFA)

Living with a bleeding disorder can be a great financial burden among expensive treatments, health insurance costs, travel to specialty medical appointments and necessary medical equipment. These resources provide assistance in covering medical expenses, medications, medical items, and medical travel.

Financial Assistance

Managing a bleeding disorder has unforeseen crises, including hospitalizations, that cause missed wages from work. With these added costs and potential emergencies, families may find themselves having difficulty affording basic living expenses. This robust list of financial assistance programs available nationwide can help.

Job Readiness Grants

The Job Readiness Grant provides up to $1,000 for courses, training programs, or certifications that will help community members gain or maintain sustainable employment. The grant can include computers or items (i.e., scrubs, specialized shoes, supplies, etc.) needed to complete the course, certification, or training program. Applications are processed as soon as they are received.

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief provides immediate financial relief to bleeding disorder community members who are displaced or impacted by a natural disaster and have needs such as temporary housing, replacement of necessary home items, household bills, and necessities like food and clothing.