Job Readiness Grants

If you’re searching for a new job to advance your career, our Job Readiness Grant provides up to $1,000 for skills courses or certifications. Applications are processed as soon as they are received.

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief provides immediate financial relief to bleeding disorder community members who are displaced or impacted by a natural disaster and have needs such as temporary housing, replacement of necessary home items, household bills, and necessities like food and clothing.

Inhibitor Support

Inhibitor Support helps individuals in the bleeding disorder community dealing with inhibitors cover tutoring or supplies for students who have missed school due to inhibitor-related complications and travel expenses for medically necessary procedures, surgeries, and/or second options.

Items Assistance

Items Assistance helps individuals in the bleeding disorders community with the cost of medically necessary items that are not affordable out-of-pocket or covered by insurance. Helping Hands can assist with the cost of durable medical equipment and items medically recommended to community members.

Emergency Assistance

We provide financial relief for emergency situations caused or impacted by a bleeding disorder. Financial assistance is provided for housing, transportation, or utility expenses as well as funeral/burial expenses for a person with a bleeding disorder. Applications must be completed by an eligible referrer.